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13th Annual Gardena Jazz Festival

August 18th, 2016

It’s that time of year again: time for the 13th Annual Gardena Jazz Festival! You don’t want to miss this yearly celebration of syncopation, one of Gardena’s most beloved traditions. Groove with the city of Gardena all day Sunday, August 28th!

The Gardena Jazz Festival was first held in 2003, at which time it was not nearly as grand as it is today, but was still beloved by attendees. Since then, the festival has grown into one of the City’s most popular events, pulling the entire community in for a full day of fun! Bask in the sun in front of the stage or huddle with friends under one of the many tents you can rent for the day; whatever you do, just have fun with it.

This year’s fest include the likes of singer and saxophonist Rick Parma, eight-time Grammy nominated Gerald Albright, and, of course, the Long Beach Polytechnic High School Jazz Group, among many others. Pack a picnic lunch or chow down on food from one of the many local vendors present at the Gardena Jazz Fest, and make it a family event.

Come for the Jazz, and stay for the community bonding. Despite being a large city in the context of an even larger city, Gardena manages to maintain a local, down home vibe, where neighbors care about your well-being, and everyone gets along just fine. Events like these are perfect for getting everyone together and not only enjoying some good jazz, but more importantly enjoying each other’s company. The annual Jazz Festival is one of the best ways you can get to know the city of Gardena.

For ticketing and other information, or to explore the history of the Gardena Jazz Festival, visit the official website at:

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