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A Guide to Highland Park

April 20th, 2017

Out of all of the neighborhoods in Northeast Los Angeles, as well as perhaps the entire city, none have seen changes as dramatically as has Highland Park. The area was known in the early 1900’s as an artsy enclave complete with beautiful homes, yet had the hustle and bustle of city life. Today, the area has seen a renaissance of sorts, as lifelong residents and those who have recently moved here have helped to transform Highland Park into a serene place once again where the old and the  new coexist nicely together.

Highland Park is located about five miles from Downtown Los Angeles, situated just south of both Pasadena and Eagle Rock. The streets in the residential area are lined with trees, and this all mixes nicely with a very walkable urban culture, especially along York Boulevard, which is a street in the area well stocked with various trendy pubs as well as art galleries. In recent years, Figueroa Street has seen an increase in pedestrian activity as well, in part because of the Metro Gold Line stop nearby.

Today, Highland Park, which now holds the distinction as being one of the hippest neighborhoods in all of LA, has as many current landmarks as it does those from its history. Because it is evolving so rapidly, Highland Park maintains an exciting and ever growing array of dining choices. Recently, this gem in the north east part of LA has developed into one of the most talked-about neighborhoods in the area, in part due to the proliferation of many new coffee shops, cocktail bars, and revamped music venues. Residents and guests can explore Highland Park’s eclectic mix of new hangouts as well as classic museums along with so many other endless things to do.

Michael Juliano with Time Out Los Angeles has put together an inclusive guide detailing the many restaurants, bars, shopping venues, and things to do in Highland Park. For more info, check out their webpage here:

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