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Autumn Nights at The Plaza Presents Post Mortem

September 22nd, 2016

A lone wonan stands in a misty underground tunnel

A lone wonan stands in a misty underground tunnel

Grab your deerstalker and your friends and get ready: the game is afoot this weekend in Buena Park, as Autumn Nights at the Plaza presents Post Mortem, a tribute to the great Sherlock Holmes by playwright Ken Ludwig! Fans of Doyle, as well as anyone with an appreciation for the stage, will love this unique production.

Post Mortem is a rather nontraditional tribute to Sherlock Holmes, in which the protagonist is not the detective himself, but rather an actor, William Gillette, who is widely known for playing Holmes on Broadway. The play is set in Gillette’s medieval castle on a bluff, where the cast of his “Sherlock Holmes” play is gathered, and where he learns that there is a plot against his life. Gillette, ever the method actor, assumes the Holmes persona and takes it upon himself to root out who among his guests is planning a murder. What follows is intrigue and humor that rivals Dr. Watson’s own narrations.

There are only two remaining showings of this wonderful production, this weekend September 23 and 24, both at 8pm at The Plaza at Ehlers Event Center in Buena Park. Tickets are $21 for General Admission, and there will be beverages and light refreshments available for purchase should you wish.

Autumn Nights consists annually of two parts: a theatrical performance in the beginning of the fall, and a concert approximately a month later. Be on the lookout in October for the Desperados, an Eagles cover band you won’t want to miss.

For more information on the Autumn Nights at the Plaza production of Post Mortem, visit:
Buena Park is more than just another city in Orange County. Events like these are what show Buena Park for what it truly is: a unique and cultured city where there is never a dull moment, and always an opportunity for the community to come together.

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