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Mission Walk Community Spotlight

July 19th, 2016


Mission Walk is a magnificent, robust Olson Homes community, perfect for dreamers and anyone with an appreciation for culture. Set in the historic San Gabriel, California, Mission Walk is the perfect balance of new and old, a modern community in the heart of a storied city.

San Gabriel was established in 1771, 10 years earlier than Los Angeles, and 75 years before California was annexed into the United States. With a history dating back to before the founding of the United States, San Gabriel is one of California’s oldest cities. As such, the culture in San Gabriel is very mature. Though Mission Walk is a young community, its roots are buried deep in the San Gabriel tradition, and residents benefit from living amongst such rich cultural heritage.

San Gabriel being a historic city, however, doesn’t stop the city from reveling in all of the benefits of modernity and urban living that younger cities enjoy. With the younger generation pouring into San Gabriel, there is a wave of modernity hitting the historic streets and creating a beautiful juxtaposition of the past and present. Mission Walk especially is a very modern community, with every home fashioned to fit the modern lifestyle, complete with energy-efficient, green technology.

Every home in Mission Walk, for example, comes with water efficient faucets, toilets, and other plumbing essentials, energy star appliances, and low VOC interior paint, among other green features. And, since there is no one way to live a modern life, there are eight available floor plans, two of which are customizable.

With its perfect blend of new and old, Mission Walk is the place to be to live out your dreams. Enjoy the stability of an established city with the added freedom of a new, modern community. If you’re interested in moving to Mission Walk, the time to act is now. Unlike other expanding Olson Homes communities, Mission Walk officially released its last homesites this past June. The window of time that homes will be available in Mission Walk is starting to close, and you don’t want to be too late!

See if Mission Walk is the right community for you today. Visit us and explore the floorplans, features, and surrounding area, or go ahead and set up a tour of Mission Walk at: