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NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night

August 10th, 2017

If you’re considering a move to Northeast Los Angeles, now is a great time to explore the unique cultural landscape that it boasts for yourself. The NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night is a free event that introduces you to the Northeast LA community in all of its beauty.

Northeast Los Angeles is known for its eclectic and diverse cultural landscape, bringing together a variety of cultural experiences into one unique blend. The art scene in particular is a thriving piece of Northeast LA culture, with local talent adding strokes of beauty to daily life in the community.

The NELAart Gallery Night is a monthly event held from 7-10pm every second Saturday. With the participation of over 40 galleries and studios, the free event is the perfect introduction to Northeast LA’s art scene! If you’re looking for weekend plans, this is the perfect way to spend a fun, relaxed Saturday night at no cost to you.

The art scene is just one of the many aspects of the rich, diverse cultural landscape of Northeast LA. Dotted with iconic neighborhoods such as Mount Washington and Highland Park, Northeast LA brings together a rich historical tradition that dates back to the Spanish Colonial era with a very modern urban experience, making it a rewarding and eclectic place to live. With such a unique blend of cultural experiences, it’s no wonder that people are flocking to neighborhoods in Northeast LA.

Make your plans today to come to the NELAart Gallery Night this weekend and come face to face with the best and brightest artistic talent in Northeast Los Angeles:

While you’re in the area for the NELAart Gallery Night, turn down Figueroa Street, a busy hub of eclectic dining, shopping, and café options, and you’ll find the lifeblood of Northeast LA. Just off of Figueroa Street in the heart of the Figueroa Corridor of Highland Park is The Olson Homes’ community Fig & Fifty Walk, a modern community infused with the classical elements of the Figueroa Corridor but with enough unique personality to set it apart as a distinct and welcoming community. If you’re looking to move to Northeast Los Angeles, Fig & Fifty Walk may very well be the perfect community for you. Explore Fig & Fifty Walk today at: