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Official St Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl in Huntington Beach

March 9th, 2017

Once a year family and friends come together in celebration of St Patrick’s day. It’s a day full of joy, excitement, and the little alcohol consumption little bit of alcohol consumption. Huntington Beach is located in Orange County, South California, and is full of members of the community who are ready to create memories that you’ll never forget. We all know the Irish are no amateurs when it comes to partying, and we make sure to do them proud and for it to live up to the expectations.

Pub Crawls are scattered throughout Huntington Beach. It’s the perfect location to walk around, relax and enjoy the company (albeit sometimes crazy), or go out and party like the day will never end. The people are friendly and relaxed, the staff strive to make sure it’s an experience you’ll never forget, and most importantly, the alcohol will have you keep going back for more it’s that delicious. That along with the seaside view and you’ll never want to leave; creating memories for you to cherish and never forget.

When entering the Official St Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl at Huntington Beach, you will be provided with a wristband, as well as maps to see as many things through the night as possible without getting too lost. Furthermore, you will be alerted with all the drink specials as the night goes on to make your money stretch as far as possible whilst staying within your budget. Entry will cost between $4.20 to $8.99 but from that point on, it’s immediate partying and pub crawling with incredible people.

There are red hot deals for you to get the most out of your money, such as a 2 for 1 deal on alcohol in some pubs to keep you busy and keep the money in your account. Please note that prices of alcohol are subject to change throughout the night and may change from pub to pub. There is also a minimum age limit of 21 years old to participate in this festive event. You will be required to provide valid state ID to purchase any drinks and enter the pubs. Beyond that it’s a night you’ll never forget with members of the community who will take great care of you.

It’s hard to beat an event designed for one big Pub Crawl in a thriving area, where the water is warm and the people are friendly. It’s certain you’re bound to have the time of your life from the moment you register until the event closes at night. The community is vibrant and full of life. Don’t miss out on the Official St Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl at Huntington Beach. For more details on this event, click here:

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