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April 1st, 2014

Orange County Register Features Olson in Sunday’s Real Estate Column
Lansner: O.C.’s urban transit plans ‘just under radar’

Providing insights into the impact of urban transit on real estate properties in Orange County, The Olson Company was featured in the March 23 edition of the Orange County Register.  The real estate column, titled “Lansner: O.C.’s urban transit plans ‘just under radar,” explores if the urban living trend is gaining momentum and points to a recent survey by the American Public Transportation Association that found “more mass transit was used last year nationwide than any year since 1956.” Specifically, the article focuses on whether or not this trend translates into an uptick of selling homes in Southern California.

Scott Laurie, the CEO of The Olson Company, explains that the push for more urban living reflects broader changes in society, as well as the younger buyers’ desire to live somewhere and somewhat differently than places their parents sought out.  “Younger buyers aren’t that interested in big house, big lot,” he told the O.C. Register. “They want to be where the action is.”

The Olson Company sold 254 homes last year, up 9 percent from 2012. This year, sales to date have more than doubled – 45 homes sold year-to-date versus 18 a year ago. The more recent sales success has been primarily in the San Gabriel Valley and north Orange County.

Furthermore, Laurie explains that these young buyers want communities that offer nearby jobs, shopping and dining. Another major selling point is having easy access to public transit to utilize for work or other retail, restaurant and entertainment hubs.

When asked about the lack of mass transit in the car-centric O.C. County, Laurie confidently replies, “It’s just under the radar.”  This logic is supported by The Olson Company’s great success in selling a small project near the Orange train station and the possible future opportunity in the empty land near the Irvine transit.

The Olson Company has worked with over 90 cities and government agencies throughout California, creating innovative housing solutions to fulfill the lifestyle needs of those wanting to live in metropolitan areas.

About The Olson Company
Established in 1988, The Olson Company and the Olson Homes brand are nationally recognized for creating unique, affordable, In-Town, Transit communities throughout Southern California. Headquartered in Seal Beach, California, The Olson Company has successfully partnered with governmental agencies and private landowners to create innovative housing solutions designed to fulfill the lifestyle needs of today’s buyer. The company works diligently with community and neighborhood groups to build a high level of awareness and broad-range community consensus around its neighborhoods.  The Olson Company was awarded the prestigious “Builder of the Year” award by Professional Builder Magazine and the National Association of Home Builders.