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Rockit Fest 2017

September 28th, 2017

Where can you satisfy a craving for gourmet food, top-quality craft brews, and the latest advancements in the tech industry? This Saturday, the 2017 Rockit Fest is coming to the Pasadena Rose Bowl, a truly unique beer and tech fest perfect for anyone with an appreciation for good beer and innovative technologies.

The Rockit Fest is a weekend event you don’t want to miss, starting at noon on Saturday, September 30 (or 11am for those with early access), and lasting until 6pm. General Admission start at only $10 per person, with Rockit Admission, which includes unlimited beer and a free mini Rockit Fest mug, costing only $35 more. An extra $10 will get you a V.I.P. pass, which guarantees you early admission, access to VIP seating areas, and a tech and food voucher for up to 5 vendors, among other perks. Serious Rockit Fest attendees can pay $85 for even more perks, including a 10 vendor voucher!

Alongside the best food from all around Pasadena and LA, you will find technology vendors with cutting edge work on display in areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, emerging fields that any techy will appreciate diving into head-first.

Discover the future of technology and top culinary and craft beer creations at the Rockit Fest this Saturday:

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