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Tapestry Walk Community Spotlight

June 27th, 2017

Tapestry Walk in southern Anaheim, California, is a beautiful community of elegant, newly constructed townhomes waiting to welcome you with open arms. This growing community offers all of the comforts and privacy of home while providing easy access to urban entertainment and conveniences.
At Tapestry Walk you’ll find a serene neighborhood aesthetically tuned to offer an oasis of comfort in the midst of urban life. Everywhere you look, landscaping and architectural design will combine classic ideas with modern notions: see the elegant archways of the townhomes, the sleek silhouettes and tiled roofs. Pass by the community pool and you’ll find neighbors catching up, relaxing by the water and chatting away. In seconds, Tapestry Walk will transport you from the busy streets to a place of serenity.

Each home in Tapestry Walk is designed with this feeling of serenity and security in mind. Homes are built to the highest standards of energy efficiency and are designed to reduce environmental impact, both for the benefit of the environment and for energy cost savings. To reduce harmful fumes, low voc paints are used, and to avoid water wastage automatic sensors are installed in all baths to shut off water flow after a certain level is reached. Carbon monoxide detectors and automatic fire sprinklers are also pre-installed in all homes to keep you safe in case of an emergency.

In addition to safety and energy-saving features throughout the home, each home is outfitted with elegant decor. There are 6 spacious open floorplans to choose from, each with variations and customizable features so that each home can be tailored to the preferences and needs of your family.

Living in Tapestry Walk is an experience like no other, combining all of the comforts and joys of living in a small, tight-knit community with the social and employment opportunities of urban Southern California. Anaheim is a robust city with endless entertainment venues and offers the best that Orange County can boast.

If you’re in the market for your next home, and are considering relocating to Anaheim, Tapestry Walk very well could be the right place for you. Tapestry Walk is a community you can trust, built into a space that offers serenity and seclusion from the rush of urban life. Read more about Tapestry Walk, explore the diverse floorplans available, and schedule your visit to our Welcome Center today at: