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Wild For the Planet

May 5th, 2017

In the wake of industrial development around the world, the Los Angeles Zoo’s “Wild for the Planet” event aims to create awareness about endangered animal species through fun and informative activities for the whole family. This year’s event, which runs through Endangered Species Day, May 19, will focus on various aspects of conservation each day. The Wild for the Planet event is part of ZooLAbration, which celebrates the rich 50 year history of the zoo and its many historical milestones and conservation achievements.

A glimpse at some of the many attractions and activities which are available at the LA Zoo as part of ZooLAbration includes:

The Neil Papiano Play Park

Located in the upper zoo area, it contains animal themed climbing structures, water misters, grassy landscaping, a sizeable picnic area and a toddler area. This children’s play area is designed to be accessible to all children including those with physical challenges.

Giraffe Feedings

Get up close and spend time with the tallest mammals on earth. Enjoy the experience as these majestic giants crush plant matter before gulping it down their tall necks.

Hippo Encounter

Meet the beloved Los Angeles Zoo hippos, Mara and baby Rosie. The guides available on site will help you with their training, daily care and feeding routines.

The Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel

A gift from Ann and Jerry Moss to the park, this amazing addition features 64 unique hand-carved wooden figures as well as a universally accessible standing chariot. It is located next to the Treetops Terrace in the lower part of the zoo.

World of Birds Show

The newly renovated Angela Collier World of Birds theater recently reopened to the public in 2014. It features Mediterranean-themed architecture with a two story stage to better illustrate birds’ natural behaviors. The stone archways provide a stunning old world backdrop. The birds put up great performances every time and bring a wonderful colorful presentation to the zoo.

The California Condor Rescue Zone (CCRZ)

This is a fun play space intended for children above the age of five. In this area children begin to understand what it takes to protect California condors.

Muriel Ranch

Get to see goats and sheep up close in the area known as Muriel’s Ranch. Fifteen Nigerian dwarf goats were added in 2012 and many other newborns are also present here.

The Los Angeles Zoo is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends. For more info about the Wild for the Planet event and other attractions at the LA Zoo, check out their site:

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