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approval rights of a project is going to be supportive of what we think is a good idea Olson said. Some- times they dont so we dont move forward with the project just based on that. When a jurisdiction is supportive of a project the focus in working with the city becomes more about ensuring the details are all in order that there is proper drainage enough emergency access points and so on. These matters are first assessed during an initial site inspection which takes place after the developer has entered into an agreement with the landowner. We will assign a project manager to orchestrate all of the due diligence Olson said. They will work with a team of consultants or professionals in their respec- tive fields like a geotechni- cal consultant an architect a civil engineer a handful of different types of attorneys and an environmental engineer as well as a title and escrow company. Before applying for permits entitlements and any necessary zoning or city general plan changes The Olson Company works closely with the governing jurisdiction such as a city to determine if it is amenable to the companys vision and to ensure that the company is following correct procedures. To work well with a city or other governing body such as a county or water district it is important to develop positive relationships with staff members Olson stressed. We focus initially on making sure that staff is on board with our concept and that they are comfortable with the way we are designing things and how things are going to look and with the way the infrastructure is going to function Olson said. We will then go and talk to some city policy makers to make sure that were addressing any of the concerns that they may have because ultimately they are going to be making the decision on the project. On average the entitlement process which encompasses all pre-construction preparation work takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months Olson said. After that zoning changes permitting and construction drawings must be com- pleted which typically takes another six months. In all it can take 15 months to two years to begin con- struction on a new community. Due to the detail-oriented time- consuming work involved experi- ence matters a lot when building new communities Olson emphasized. Its an overwhelming process because there are so many people who are providing comments on what it is you want to do and a lot of those comments conflict he said explaining that when approaching a new project different entities involved such as a citys planning and fire departments may have different assessments on certain project elements. Our goal is to design and construct the most compelling community that we can for each neighborhood location in which we work Olson said. I 13 After years of communication with the land seller Ivy Walk in Claremont became a reality. Stylish and affordable homes at Mission Walk in San Gabriel. Our goal is to design and construct the most compelling community that we can for each neighborhood location in which we work. Todd Olson President Community Development The Olson Company 2015_OlsonCompanyInTownLiving_PortAnniversary 8815 117 PM Page 13