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Plaza shopping center which will add more than a dozen new ten- ants when it re-opens as Plaza 183 later this year. Were looking at increasing our popu- lation as well as spending and gener- ating spending in the city Chen said. In addition the City of Cerritos and cities across California are continuing to transi- tion from the dissolu- tion of the redevelop- ment agency. While Chen said Cerritos is faring better than other cities she noted that redevelopment was a great loss having been instrumental to the development of shopping centers and properties throughout the city. Knowing that tool is no longer available were able to look at encouraging the private sector to step up Chen said. The Olson Companys Reekstin added that public-private sector partnerships are increasingly important to development particularly as cities continue to experience economic pressures. The State of California for over 20 years has been balancing its budget on the backs of local government he explained. What thats forced cities to do on the good side is streamline their operations how they operate and how they manage their budgets. . . . What this means for private developers is that theyve got to really step up their game and be more of an asset to the city . . . because cities simply dont have the resources that they used to have. In some cases maximizing resources is a key component of growth also offering opportunities for innovation. For example San Gabriel is working with the cities of San Marino and South Pasadena to merge their fire department command staffs. There are so many things that each town does in duplication Preston pointed out. So if we bring three cities together . . . we can do it a lot cheaper and a lot more efficiently. The project Preston said is the only one in Los Angeles County and reflects San Gabriels approach to balancing growth with economic challenges. You can cut you can build new programs Preston said or you can try to do things that are innovative and progressive as a means of dealing with issues. I 15 Mission Walk in the City of San Gabriel brings new home options to a vibrant region. Plaza Walk in Cerritos opened in 2014. Knowing that tool redevelopment agencies is no longer available were able to look at encouraging the private sector to step up. Carol Chen Mayor City of Cerritos 2015_OlsonCompanyInTownLiving_PortAnniversary 8815 117 PM Page 15