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5 Table of Contents 6 The Olson Companys Steve Olson Discusses Affordable Housing Challenges In California 10 Urban Living A QA With The Olson Company President And CEO Scott Laurie 12 The Process And Challenges Of Creating A New Urban Community 14 Cities Reinventing Infrastructure Improvements Drive Change In Local Cities 16 Home Designs For Todays Buyers 18 Sustainable Construction A New Blueprint For Addressing Californias Energy Plan 20 Meeting Californias Challenges Are The Right Jobs Being Created To Support Housing Affordability Demand 22 A Changing Demographic Landscape The Growing Influence Of Millennials 24 Urban Farming Takes Sustainable Living To New Heights 26 In Light Of The Drought Changing Perceptions About Water Conservation And Housing Development 28 Home Builders Connecting With The Evolving Asian American Community 30 Acknowledgements FallWinter 2015 Dear Readers California is experiencing unprecedented transformation on many levels today. Climate change the environment and sustainability are three significant areas of focus for our city and state leaders as well as our staff at The Aquarium of the Pacific. These issues are of particular interest given the current drought the need to mitigate and adapt to climate change and the need to determine our future food sources both from the ocean and from the land. These issues are shared by The Olson Company which has successfully designed and constructed sustainable new home communities for more than 28 years in over 100 cities statewide featuring locations that are walkable to retail dining recreation and services that are affordably priced and are adjacent to public transportation employment centers and other amenities. Utilizing urban reuse sites incorporating sustainable building practices reducing water usage and easing the dependency on personal vehicle use are just a few of the many initiatives that The Olson Company has undertaken to show its commitment to sustainability. The company has been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council. The Olson Company is aware of the impact it has on its local surroundings the environment and the difference it makes in peoples lives. This unique and informative magazine will give you a glimpse into the many opportunities and challenges that California cities and residents encounter today. You will hear from public and private sector experts who provide insight into a variety of topical subjects that we as Californians experience in our daily lives. Sincerely Jerry R. Schubel PhD President and CEO 2015_OlsonCompanyInTownLiving_PortAnniversary 8815 117 PM Page 5