Home Office Hacks

For many of us, the workspace and the home have become one. Although working from home can
provide a list of benefits (like skipping the morning commute), it can sometimes lead to work and
home life becoming intertwined.
One of the best ways to prevent too much crossover is making sure that your home office is
comfortable, enjoyable, and well-defined from your living space. The flexibility and modern design of
Olson homes makes them ideal for setting up a peaceful, professional home office. Here are our
suggestions for refreshing your home workspace.

Create a separate space for brainstorming
Giving yourself an occasional break from the computer can have a host of benefits, which includes
increasing your overall productivity. So while it is necessary to have a workspace that is comfortable,
neat, and organized, it is equally important to have another spot away from the screen that is dedicated
to brainstorming.
This area can be as simple as a wallspace outfitted with a pinboard containing information on your
latest project. It could also be an armchair and coffee table ready with a pen and journal to jot down
any idea that comes to mind. Your brainstorming spot will be most effective if it is comfortable, but not
cozy enough to encourage you to stay longer than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. After allowing yourself a
productive break from your main workspace, odds are that you will come back feeling refreshed and
ready to dive back in with renewed energy and focus.

Add a touch of nature inside and out
Many of us know someone who has filled their home with plants over the last year. There is a good
reason why you should consider bringing this natural trend into your home office. Adding a splash of
green to this space can actually reduce your stress throughout the day, allowing you to better enjoy
your time at work. If you are worried about committing extra effort to maintaining your indoor garden,
check out this list by Good Housekeeping of resilient houseplants that are easy to care for.
Additionally, if the window from your workspace looks out onto your yard, you have an opportunity to
make the most out of this vista. Consider planting vibrant flowers within the window’s sightline for a
calming glimpse at the outside world.

Bring out the yoga mat
Finding an area to do some daily stretches is even easier than carving out a brainstorming spot, since
all you really need is a space on your floor big enough for a yoga mat. Yoga is the perfect exercise
routine to incorporate into your workday because it can be done in short sessions, and you can easily
clear the space afterwards by simply rolling up your mat.
Honing your yoga poses will not only help take your mind off of work for a few minutes, it will also
help to switch up your physical routine so that you stay happier and healthier at work. If you have
never done yoga before, it is easy to develop your own yoga sequence!

The importance of ambient lighting
Along with picking a spot for your home office that allows natural light to shine in through a window,
you can control the atmosphere of your workspace by installing some ambient light fixtures. It can be
as simple as adding some high-quality lamps around your desk or dressing up the entire room with
LED rope lights to wash your workspace with warm light. The overall result of this effort will be a
workspace that feels more comforting and open.
However you decide to outfit your home office, the most important factor is that you turn it into a spot
you are always happy to revisit! Many of our homes incorporate a room or flex that is designed to be an
excellent home office. To learn more about how we design our floorplans with your lifestyle in mind,
feel free to contact us for more information.

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