In Case You Missed It: A Recap of Make Space for Your Happy Place

Spring may be over, but that doesn’t mean the window for tidying up your home has closed! Luckily for you, our video series with Certified KonMari Method™ Consultant, Sandy Park of Tidy with Spark, will live forever on our social media channels for you to go back, rewatch, and Make Space for Your Happy Place! Here are a few of our favorite tips from the videos to kickstart your tidying journey:

#1 The KonMari Method™ is all About Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation

The KonMari Method™ is more than an organization system. It’s a way to take the time to appreciate the things that you enjoy about your belongings, and creating a space that you love by surrounding yourself with items that bring you joy. For the items that no longer spark happiness, we thank them for their service and remove them from the space.

Click Here -> Video One

#2 Repurpose Boxes to Store Clothing in Your Drawers

The KonMari Method™ Fold is legendary, but you can take your clothing organization further by recycling smaller boxes, like cosmetic and candy boxes, to arrange your clothing and make your drawers look like a dream.

Click Here -> Video Two

#3 Create Boundaries in Your Workspace

When in the groove of working, there’s a tendency to let papers fly and scatter all over your desk. By giving yourself a strict filing system, you set a boundary from the paper and keep your workspace clear from clutter.

Click Here ->Video Three

#4 Decant Cleaning Supplies to Add Space

By utilizing clear plastic containers and a lazy Susan, you can create space under your kitchen sink for even MORE cleaning supplies, and you’ll have a clear visual for when you need to replace or restock. Using the right tools will allow you to tackle the kitchen cabinet, junk drawer, and under the sink!

Click Here ->Video Four

We hope our Make Space for Your Happy Place video series continues to help guide you along your journey to a life that is tidy and sparks joy. Remember: an organized home is a happy home!

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