7 Ways to Customize Your Flex Room

Adding a flex room to your home provides more than extra square footage, it’s a space that you can dedicate to expanding your skills, relaxing, or crushing your fitness goals. The options are endless when it comes to styling and designing the perfect space, and we have some ideas to help you get started. First, it’s time to decide on the central purpose of the space.

1. Home Office

If you do a substantial amount of work at home, you may consider the idea of transforming your flex room into an office space. An intentionally designed work area can help harness your creativity at home and keep you focused while paying bills, working on your budget, or doing general busy work. A home office is also a good idea if you’d like to keep all the electronics and computers in one dedicated space to eliminate digital distractions in the home. Embrace a traditional office style by situating a large desk and chair in the center of the room, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, memorabilia, and a few decorative house plants. For a more modern approach, try grouping two club chairs, a coffee table, and a loveseat in the center of the room. This approach is great for accomplishing small tasks and performing meeting-style work.

2. Media Room

If you love watching movies and playing games, a media room may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. You can easily create a modern, home-style movie theater with a modular sofa or recliners with cup holders and a large wall-mounted television. Fill your built-in bookshelves with your favorite board games, add a few plush throw blankets to the seating area, install blackout curtains over the windows, and you’re ready for a cozy night in. For extra flair, position a well-stocked bar cart in the corner of the room and invite your friends over for game night!

3. Playroom

A playroom may be the perfect addition to your home if you have little ones. If you find toys and playthings strewn around your living area, this option will help minimize clutter and create a special place for your kid’s belongings. Ample storage space is a necessity with this design, and you can easily create this with baskets, built-in cabinets, or a stylish trunk. Add a miniature table and chairs set for arts and crafts, and a soft rug to cushion the floor so your children can crawl and play on the ground comfortably. Choose a wall and display their artwork to show your pride and appreciation for their creativity and growth.

4. Library

Are you an avid reader wishing you could have a room filled with books and cozy nooks for reading? You can create the home library of your dreams with a few simple furniture pieces and aesthetic details. Create a cozy reading corner with a cushioned, built-in window seat, a chaise lounge, or a deep-seated armchair. Adorn floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with your inventory of collected books and get creative with additional accessories like vases, candles, and plants. This is your opportunity to really make the space your own, so go for it!

5. Meditation Room

If spirituality is a big part of your life, consider transforming your flex room into a meditation area. Simplicity is best when creating a space like this, so avoid over-cluttering to keep the area zen-like. A potted prosperity tree, a few floor cushions, an altar for your incense and candles, and a yoga mat are all you need to set the tone.

6. Workout Room

Sometimes going to the gym seems like a huge feat, so set yourself up to achieve all your fitness goals by creating a workout room in your home. Simply add your must-have workout equipment, a console for viewing your favorite follow-along workout videos, a full-length mirror, and you’re ready to sweat!

7. Music Room

Music rooms are great for budding artists and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Whether you want to learn how to play the guitar, or keep up with your piano practice, a music room is an excellent option for integrating this engaging hobby into your home. You can easily soundproof your walls with attractive acoustic panels, and use the extra wall space to mount stringed instruments and your favorite album artwork. Create a vintage feel by adding a console dedicated to your LPs and record player, and play with music-themed accessories to liven up the space.

Creating the home of your dreams involves discovering more of what you love to see and do, and finding stylish ways to incorporate your favorite things into your home atmosphere. Use a flex room to bring out more of what makes you unique. For more home inspiration, visit our website to browse the contemporary floorplans of our Southern California neighborhoods.

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