Azusa River Wilderness park

The Azusa River Wilderness Park is the best way to indulge in the natural offerings of the San Gabriel River and Canyon. This park is the gateway to the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. To say that it is attractive is an understatement: the natural appeal is like no other.

The history of the River Wilderness Park is an interesting tale. In the past, the park was occupied by a popular restaurant called El Encanto. This beloved restaurant by the locals was constructed in the early 1920s. Today, this location hosts the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy and the Watershed Conservancy Authority offices.

Today, the already beautiful park is seeing somewhat of a renaissance. Stakeholders including the local government, NGOs and other agencies have come together to envision a new River Wilderness Park with more amenities and facilities.

The Watershed Conservancy Authority (WCA) has been established to create sustainable watershed projects for the area to address the needs of residents as well as the local ecosystem. In this regard, the River Wilderness Park will be upgraded to restore native habitats, expand trail systems, have a special pavilion and an outdoor classroom. In addition, the park will host a modern adventure play facility to provide children with great natural experiences.

Many are excited for the park’s expansion, as it will be a one-stop recreation facility overlooking the San Gabriel canyon. The facility will have multi-purpose dining amenities, merchandise, and a section to offer information to visitors about the River Wilderness Park and the National Monument. Other exciting additions include river bike trails, foothill trails, a day use picnic facility, an expansive camping area, and new overlooks.

The River Wilderness Park will inject new life into the city of Azusa. Conserving nature and its resources has always been a priority for the community, making this project truly reflective of the Azusa mindset. Azusa residents will enjoy excellent facilities anchored in nature for full recreation with this revitalization effort.

More information on this project is available on the WCA’s website at:

Azusa truly is and always has been a community which cares deeply about cultivating and preserving its natural beauty. If you’re looking to move to Azusa, take a look at Metro Walk, a brand-new community of modern townhomes waiting for you to discover:

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