Hacks for an Outstanding Outdoor Space

At Olson Homes, we know that sitting under the sun and enjoying the breeze is the ideal way to enjoy the balmy Southern California weather. As the summer continues to warm up, your outdoor space is bound to become your favorite spot. We’ve compiled a list of hacks to help you get the most out of afternoons lounging outdoors and evenings spent under the stars.

A Whole New Kind of Garden

Everyone knows that planting a traditional garden is a fantastic way to add some comforting natural aesthetics to your outdoor space. However, you can also choose to mix things up by constructing a vertical garden. This trendy way of growing your own veggies and flowers is done by fixing baskets or planters to a vertical surface, while making sure to give each plant enough room to stretch their stems. Not only do vertical gardens look amazing and make great use of space, they also provide extra shade and seclusion.

Everything Has its Place

Dividing up your outdoor space into different sections is a great move for get-togethers and adds more interest to your yard. We recommend strategically placing furniture and decorations to define each area, instead of using barriers. For instance, your main socialization spot can be outfitted with a table, chairs, and an umbrella to keep people cool while everyone is busy chatting. A separate area could feature your vertical garden and a comfy bench, transforming it into a personal relaxation, reading, or meditation spot. Other suggestions that work well in an outdoor space include a play area with your kids’ toys, a tanning spot with a few lounge chairs, or an outdoor dining area that incorporates the next idea on our list.

Bring the Bar to Your Backyard

An intimate bar area can be an excellent addition to your backyard. It’s ideal for having guests over or having a cozy date night at home. It’s especially perfect for relaxing and sipping on something ice cold on hot summer days and warm evenings. The best part about this personal, outdoor drink station is that it doesn’t have to be a full-size bar with stools and a fully stocked shelf. It can be as simple as a cute cooler and some chairs, or even a shelf with some “bar necessities” and a few of your favorite bottles and mixers. Check out this article for a list of fun and adorable DIY backyard bar ideas.

Space-Saving Built-Ins

There are plenty of multipurpose built-in ideas that can add more versatility to your yard or patio, all while keeping things compact and uncluttered. For instance, built-in steps, benches, or tables can include secret storage spots to keep everything organized and out of the elements. There are also plenty of built-in furniture ideas that can be used for more than one purpose. Think, a fire pit that converts into a table, or a small coffee table that can also be used as a chair. Adding dual-purpose built-ins to your outdoor space is always a win-win, since they can add to your yard’s aesthetics while leaving more room for guests to hang out.

However you decide to decorate your outdoor space, we’re sure that you will have a blast out there this summer! If you’re looking for a SoCal home with a modern design, spacious floorplan, and enjoyable outdoor space, Olson Homes is the perfect place to start your search. You can always contact us with any questions or schedule a tour of one of our many stunning communities.

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