Why You Should Buy an Olson Home Now

Purchasing a home has always been considered an important milestone in life and a solid
investment for your future. Being a homeowner also gives you the freedom to personalize your
home however you like and change it up whenever you want! You never have to deal with a
bad landlord again. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Now is the right time to stop renting
and buy with Olson Homes!
If you are you struggling to decide if now is the right time to purchase a home, here are three of
the main benefits to becoming a homeowner in 2020:
Interest Rates Are Low
Good news! Interest rates are at a historic low, which means buying a home NOW can save you
money! Average rates are currently at approx. 3% and at the end of 2019 average rates were at
approx. 3.875%. With this lower rate, you could save almost $300 a month on your mortgage
payment compared to if you had bought a home in 2019!* Don’t miss your chance to lock in a
great rate and buy your new dream home this summer!
*Based on the average loan amount of approx. $600,000 with a 20% downpayment. Contact
our Home Advisors for more information.
Great Investment
While renting is an affordable short-term solution, those payments aren’t an investment in your
future. Purchasing a home could save you more money long term, and most homes appreciate
in value, so someday you could sell it for a profit! There are also many tax benefits that come
along with homeownership. Our Home Advisors would be happy to go over all of the
reasons why you should buy vs. rent a home!
Enjoy Stability
As many renters know, there’s always a threat of a rent increase every year when you renew
your lease. This could leave you with the challenge of looking for a new place to live within your
budget on very short notice which no one wants to do! When you own a home, you can live on
your own terms and with a fixed-rate mortgage, you never have to worry about your monthly
mortgage payment increasing. You don’t have to deal with a difficult landlord and you’ll have a
better idea of how much your bills will be every month. Plus, nothing beats having a reliable
place to call home sweet home.
If you’re interested in purchasing a home in one of our Olson communities, our friendly Home
Advisors are here to help you on the road to homeownership! Explore our communities now
selling throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.