How to Be Eco-Friendly in an Olson Home

Celebrate Earth Day by embracing everything eco-friendly. From Olson’s Connected Home features to local events, you’ll find that becoming environmentally conscious is much easier than you think. Read on to see the features you’ll get with an Olson home, and how you can continue contributing to the planet’s health beyond your front door. 

Limit Your Eco Footprint

Several optional and included features in an Olson Connected Home make it easy for you to minimize your carbon footprint while saving money. From solar panels to tankless water heaters, you can rest easy knowing that you are doing your part in saving energy and water, and by extension, the world you call home! 

Help Veterans Clean Up the Pier

About a 30-minute drive from Azalea Walk in Gardena is the Long Beach Pier. For Earth Day 2022, local veterans are heading to the pier to clean up the beach, and you are welcome to join them. During this three-hour-long event, your time and energy will help restore the environment and ensure the area is clean and safe, not only for beachgoers but also for the wildlife in the area. 

Bring Community to Others

The best part about volunteering is making a difference in the lives of others. When you live in one of our LA County neighborhoods, like Lumina Walk in Rosemead, you’ll find plenty of ways to help! The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust is one of the many active organizations that is dedicated to bringing equality to neighborhoods through the development of parks, gardens, and community. Contact them to find out where you can lend your skills and let your contribution help both neighborhoods and the people who live in them. 

Plant Some Trees

TreePeople has several volunteering opportunities available, and all are fairly close to Blossom Walk in Compton. Their goal is to promote environmental change, and they make it easy to get involved. By taking the time to plant trees, you can help TreePeople restore ecosystems, protect natural habitats, and bring life back to our world. 

Learn About the Environment

The first step to helping the environment is to learn more about it! A short drive from Jasmine Walk in Buena Park is the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana. In observance of Earth Month, guests are invited to take part in the Eco Challenge, where you can listen to eco stories and find out how small changes can have a positive impact on our planet. 

Start Something New

This Earth Day, why don’t you come up with an idea to help the planet? If you’re a resident of Laurel Walk, you can enlist the help of your neighbors to give back to La Mirada. Have a community garage sale (and donate the earnings to your favorite charity), head to your local park to clean up and repair the playground, or start a garden that everyone can enjoy tending throughout the year. Whatever you end up doing, you’ll definitely feel proud of your hard work. 

Visit and schedule a tour of one of our Olson communities. Learn about the eco-friendly features included in each home, and find nearby Earth-friendly events and volunteer opportunities! 

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