Kitchen Tech Hacks

Kitchen Tech to Make Your Life Easier!

These days, tech is increasingly becoming more present in our lives. From our phone to our homes, technology has the ability to make our daily tasks easier, so that we have more time to focus on the things that matter most, like family and friends!

Smart features in the home are an especially exciting aspect of advanced technology. While most of us have seen solar panels and electric car chargers, there are a variety of apps, tools and new devices suited for each room of your house, including many that are made to help out in the kitchen. When you become an Olson homeowner, you will have access to a host of optional and included Connected Tech features for the kitchen. Let’s explore some of the most exciting tech hacks that upgrade your kitchen experience.

Smart Ovens
Everyone can use a helping hand in the kitchen. Five-star-chefs have sous-chefs, Alfredo has Remy, and now you can have a smart oven. You might be asking yourself, what else does an oven need to do besides bake, broil, and roast? Smart ovens connect to your smartphone or tablet so that you can control and monitor what’s happening with your meals—even when you’re far from the kitchen. For instance, preheating the oven on your way home from work will make sure it’s the right temperature when you arrive. Many smart ovens can download recipes and automatically adjust to the perfect setting for each new dish. Want to keep an eye on your dinner as it cooks? Some smart ovens have a camera built inside! With all these amazing features, saying goodbye to undercooked or burnt food is easy.

Smart Dishwasher
While the smart oven can help you cook your food to perfection, smart dishwashers help make the clean-up after meals a cinch. Similarly to smart ovens, the functions of your smart dishwasher can be controlled and monitored directly from your smartphone or tablet. Need to wash dishes quickly before company arrives? Your smart dishwasher can alert you the moment the dishes are ready, giving you time to put everything away before guests ring the doorbell. You can also download different cycles to your smart dishwasher that are meant for cleaning specific items you may have previously had to wash by hand. Finally, these dishwashers use AI to make sure that they are using the most efficient amount of water and energy, which saves you both time and money.

Smart Kitchen Faucet
Having a technologically advanced smart kitchen faucet has loads of benefits. Do you hate getting your faucet dirty while you’re prepping food? These smart faucets often include censors that allow you to turn the water on and off without leaving any residue behind. Some smart faucets even take the hands-free feature to the next level by responding to your voice, which can be useful when your hands are full. Similar to your smart dishwasher, smart faucets put more money in your wallet with their auto shutoff feature, which stops the stream if it’s accidentally left on.

Alexa / Google Nest
The best way to control all of your kitchen tech is to make sure it’s connected to an Alexa or Google Nest device. These speaker-equipped electronics will act as the central hub for all the smart appliances in your home. They allow you to operate certain functions with just your voice, while also providing you with spoken updates as you’re working in the kitchen or any other room where you have installed one of these nifty gadgets.

Your Olson home is here to help make your life more comfortable and convenient, from spacious layouts to the latest technology. Click here to learn more about our communities’ optional and included Olson Connected Home features.

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