Prepping Your Pantry for the New Season

Even when we are meticulous about keeping our home organized and tidy, the pantry can often fall by the wayside. Cans and boxes of pasta can easily pile up, and food that has been pushed to the back of the shelves can slip well past its “best by” date. With the arrival of fall and a new school year destined to bring a host of new items into your pantry, we thought this would be the perfect time to offer up some tips on how to prepare your pantry for all things fall, as well as providing some absolutely delicious recipes to try out in your spacious Olson kitchen!

Invest in Shelf Risers and Lazy Susans

The first step to using food before it expires is to make sure you can easily see everything in your pantry. Since spice containers are small and tend to get lost or blocked from view, organizing them on a Lazy Susan is an ideal way to find the one you are looking for with a simple spin. A shelf riser is a small, stepped shelf that easily fits inside your pantry and lets you stack cans so you can see all labels at once.

First In, First Out

The “first in, first out” method is used by grocery stores to ensure that products with the closest “best by” dates are sold first. In your home, this practice will help you use food before it goes bad. All you have to do is place your most recently purchased products behind the older ones. This works especially well with boxed and canned foods. Although, it can be incredibly helpful with produce, too, since it typically does not come in containers with expiration dates. The process might feel a bit tedious at first, but adapting won’t take long and is absolutely worth it.

The Kids’ Shelf

It wouldn’t surprise most parents to hear their children asking for a snack after spending a long day at school. Having a shelf in the pantry at kid-level that’s stocked with nutritious snacks is an excellent way to promote a healthy, independent routine when it comes to food. Just make sure the cookies are up high and out of sight!

Scrumptious Recipes For the New Season

Now that your pantry is organized and ready to be filled with more tasty foods, let’s put your cooking skills to the test with these delicious dishes!

Recipe: One-Pot French Onion Pasta

Warm up this fall with this delicious dish from Joy the Baker! Joy’s one-pot french onion pasta is perfect for breezy autumn nights when you’re looking to fix something mouth-watering yet easy to make. The recipe combines spaghetti, chicken broth, onions, thyme, cheese, and arugula into a meal that will leave your kitchen smelling fantastic and your family full and satisfied.

Recipe: Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

Do you crave the taste of chickpeas, but can’t stand their mushy texture? This roasted chickpea recipe offers an incredibly simple way of crafting a protein-packed, crunchy snack or topping that is irresistible to both kids and adults alike. If you’re looking to replace that bag of chips in your child’s lunch, crispy chickpeas are a great healthy substitution.

If you would like to learn more home organization tips, we recommend checking out the video we made with Sandy Park, a KonMari ™ Consultant and Professional Organizer. If you’re looking for a Southern California home with a stylish, modern kitchen, feel free to contact us about any of our available communities.

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