Tips to Make Switching Between Home and the Office Simple

While some people might be working from home full-time from now on, many Americans are transitioning to a hybrid workplace. If a hybrid environment is in your future, you may be concerned that heading back to the office several days a week could disrupt the home workflow you have perfected over the last year. Not to worry—we’ve compiled a few tips to help you make the most out of this new way of working.

Get the Right Gear

The main hassle of having two workspaces is that you will have to bring some of your office items along with you whenever you switch between the office and your home. However, by securing some great gear, you can make this weekly transfer easy and efficient. The first step is making your work station as portable as possible. If you are able to, swap out your desktop for a laptop. Your employer may even have an option for employees to rent out a company laptop. Your second move should be to purchase a sturdy and spacious bag — one that allows you to easily carry supplies wherever you go. We recommend purchasing a quality product, since the last thing you want is that bag breaking during your commute.

Working With Dual Setups

Alongside the surge of remote work over the last year came an emphasis on molding the home office into a place of comfort, quiet, and inspiration. Instead of abandoning this mental health mindset, consider adapting your hybrid workplace to uphold these ideals. For instance, you may have decorated your home office with soothing houseplants, inspiring artwork, or personal possessions and knick-knacks. Taking inspiration from your current setup, decorate your office space with similar items to establish a joyful atmosphere no matter which workspace you find yourself in. Apart from decorations, an additional way to decrease stress in the hybrid workplace is to invest in two sets of office supplies and tech. That way, you won’t find yourself lugging too many items back and forth between offices.

Make it Multipurpose

Since you will no longer be occupying your home office for a portion of the work week, now’s the time to give that space some additional purpose. The generous size of the office in your Olson home makes it perfect for redesigning the room with versatility in mind. Create your very own home gym by adding an elliptical trainer, weights, and a yoga mat. Make your office a part-time playroom for the kids by setting up one area with toys, craft supplies, and little furniture. Install an entertainment center for fun family movie nights. Now that you have the extra space, the only thing missing is your idea of what to do with it!

Your Olson home is equipped to add more ease to your life, whether you’re switching to a hybrid office, going back to work full-time, or staying remote. Visit Olson Homes today to discover spacious, modern smart homes with spaces that are perfect for your personal and professional life.

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