The Olson Company’s No. 1 priority is all about relationships, details and quality

“When navigating through the process of purchasing a home in a newly developed community, homebuyers look to a builder partner who they can trust, one who will be with them at every step.”
–Bill Holford, President, Olson Communities, The Olson Company

For The Olson Company, homebuyer satisfaction is all about attention to detail, personalized service and exceeding expectations prior to, during and following the purchase of a new home at one of its many in-town, walkable communities throughout Southern California.

“Buying a home is most likely the single biggest purchase consumers will make in their lifetime,” according to Bill Holford, President of Olson Communities. “When navigating through the process of purchasing a home in a newly developed community, homebuyers look to a builder partner who they can trust, one who will be with them at every step.”

Olson’s “New Home Advisors,” Associates who work with buyers during the home purchase, are known for their courteous, professional and knowledgeable approach. Many of Olson’s customers are first-time buyers who work with their Home Advisors on a variety of decisions and details including model plan type, locations, purchase price, lender selection, contracting, delivery schedule, design options and escrow. “The purchase of a home can be stressful, therefore, having somebody who acts and works as an advocate for them is important,” Holford said.

Along with great personalized service, prospective homebuyers also expect to find a well-planned community, creative home designs, detailed workmanship and a quality product. “We are a very creative company, to the extent each community (and home) we develop goes through countless hours of design review and planning for the benefit of our homebuyers,” Holford said. The company also works closely with local cities, municipalities, architects, consultants and design experts when planning and developing its highly sought-after communities, Holford explained.

“Olson’s Homeowner Satisfaction team gets involved with the buyer very early in the transaction,” said Matt Savio, Sr. Vice President of Homeowner Satisfaction for The Olson Company. “Once a buyer has decided to purchase an Olson home, the company’s Homebuyer Satisfaction Team steps in to stay connected with the homebuyer and ensure his or her needs are addressed. We feel that is an important part of our success: establishing a relationship with the homebuyer well before the close of escrow.”

When you purchase an Olson home you are given a detailed orientation and instruction on how to operate your new home. Olson’s Homeowner Satisfaction Representatives schedule several follow-up visits with new homeowners after they have moved into their homes. The visits are also designed to inform them about caring for and maintaining their property. The first visit takes place about one month after the move-in date, with the second occurring about five months later. “Beyond the first year, we are always available for homeowners and we reach out to our homeowners on a regular basis,” Savio said.

After that point, The Olson Company’s HOA “Champion Program” kicks in. Through the HOA Champion Program, an Olson Company representative attends HOA meetings as an ongoing commitment to our communities. The Champion Program is unique within the homebuilding industry, as “we set ourselves apart by always being available to provide help and advice for our homeowners,” Savio stated.

In an effort to measure service performance, The Olson Company utilizes Eliant, a respected survey firm in the homebuilding industry to receive detailed feedback from its homebuyers in three separate surveys which poll customer opinions regarding their purchase experience, home quality and overall customer satisfaction.

When a buyer closes escrow on their Olson home, they receive a questionnaire known as the “move-in survey” from Eliant which covers things such as sales experience, option design selections, lender experience, title company, escrow and the construction experience. Subsequent surveys regarding home quality, workmanship and overall customer satisfaction are sent to homeowners at 5 and 10 months following the move-in date. All buyer surveys are compiled and scored to rate the buyer’s opinions over a one year period following the initial close of escrow.

For the past two years, The Olson Company has received the industry’s top award from Eliant, being rated number one out of several hundred builders for overall Homeowner Satisfaction (Purchase and Ownership Experience) in North America. “This is an amazing honor when you consider the depth of builder competition here in California, the Midwest and East Coast. We are very proud of this award as an organization, as it is a validation of the service provided to our valued customers,” Holford said.

Homeowner Satisfaction is an ingrained aspect of The Olson Company’s culture at all levels. “Service is a universal theme and it transcends the entire organization as all Olson Associates are measured and recognized based on how we perform in delivering superior homeowner satisfaction,” Holford stated.

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